“To spin a yarn – to tell a tale or fanciful story”.

Who doesn’t love a great story? We at Gripping Yarns Films love to breathe life into a great script or idea.

Gripping Yarns Films is a London based film production company. We specialise in making a variety of films but we especially love all things comedic and quirky. However, that doesn’t mean that we limit ourselves to just the funny stuff. We are all about story telling and if that’s a hard hitting dramatic shoot-em-up, teeth gnashing, snarling nasty film or a soft and cuddly film with a fuzzy ending where they all live “happily ever after” then that’s great too.

Gripping Yarns has, at it’s heart, the promise of promoting good quality films. We aim to develop new ideas and be as creative and innovative as possible to achieve our goals.

We take huge pride in our ability to tell stories with passion, integrity and heart. This really is who we are and what we stand for!

Finally, we always aim to do what is right. We aim to give a little back as best we can. Therefore, we aim to support charities and institutions by giving to good causes from any profit we make from our films. This is enshrined in our contracts and is very important to all of us here at Gripping Yarns Films. Sometimes it’s not all about us but more about what we can do.